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Identification and recruitment (ID&R) of eligible migrant children is a cornerstone of the Migrant Education Program (MEP), and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Identification is the process of determining the location and presence of migrant children. Recruitment means making contact with migrant families, explaining the MEP, securing the necessary information to make a determination that the child is eligible for the program, and recording the basis of the child’s eligibility on a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

2010 Statewide Recruiting Plan

The Statewide Identification & Recruitment Plan has six statewide recruitment centers divided into regions according to the map below: the Northcentral Kansas State ID&R Center (Topeka), the Northeast Kansas State ID&R Center (Kansas City), the Southeast Kansas State ID&R Center (Greenbush),the Southcentral Kansas State ID&R Center (Wichita), the Southwest Kansas State ID&R Center (Dodge City), and the Northwest Kansas State ID&R Center (Oakley).These centers serve the entire state with twenty-four full-time state recruiters collaborating with two full-time community liaisons and numerous district liaisons.

All six regions, recruiters and liaisons work together to ensure collaboration, coordination, and a statewide perspective towards Kansas ID&R efforts. For example, local liaisons might refer older children who are not currently enrolled in educational settings but are working outside local districts to state recruiters. Likewise, state recruiters could then refer these OSY children to the nearest district liaison for services. This referral network increases the likelihood of addressing all MEP needs, including support services, within and outside of the school district.

This ID&R plan continues to advocate a statewide perspective in the supervision and staff development of all ID&R personnel within the community, the local districts and among the state recruiters. The plan has a State ID&R Coordinator, Mike Toole, who is responsible for the coordination of all recruitment efforts as well as an ID&R Staff Development Coordinator, Jonita Brack, responsible solely for the staff development of the entire state.

This statewide recruiting system: a) provides year-round recruitment, b) provides ID&R coverage for the entire state with a focus on all aspects of the migrant population and the support services required by the unique demands of the migrant lifestyle, and c) blends local and statewide perspectives into a substantial and resourceful system of migrant support. Not only does this revised ID&R plan fulfill federal regulations but it also ensures all qualifying MEP children are identified and recruited in Kansas.

2012-13 ID&R Regional Mao